What’s a tripped GFCI outlet?

Most GFCI protectors have a spring-loaded breaker button. When the GFCI senses a problem, the breaker button is “tripped.” The breaker button needs to be manually reset in order for the power to be re-established to the outlet. The breaker button will trip again if the electrical problem still persists. Continuously tripping breakers indicate thatContinue reading “What’s a tripped GFCI outlet?”

Just say NO to Electrical Hazards

Before you turn on, make sure you say NO to the following:  Are outlets, motors or circuits overloaded? Are cords running near heat or water sources? Are cords twisted or tangled? Do I see sparks or smoke? Are my hands wet? Am I wearing any metal jewelry? Electric Shock People commonly experience electric shocks, fromContinue reading “Just say NO to Electrical Hazards”

Electrical work needed? Call the local electricians!

A. Fuller Electric provides professional, high-quality electrical work for the Fort Bend County and surrounding area. We perform expert services for Commercial, Residential, and Industrial. We specialize in developments, fountains, duct banks, street and area lighting, lift stations and troubleshooting. We also provide a variety of underground work, including trenching, excavating, and directional or pneumatic boring. A. FullerContinue reading “Electrical work needed? Call the local electricians!”

What is a GFCI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet is a ground fault interrupter that can disconnect or open the power to a receptacle. The GFCI outlet can tell the difference between the flow of the current from a hot wire that flows through a neutral. If the difference is significant, the circuit is tripped by the ground fault. The outletsContinue reading “What is a GFCI Outlet?”

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Need electrical service for new construction, building, remodeling, ornamental or monument lighting? We handle a wide range of electrical services, ranging from duct banks, fountains, developments, electrical panel replacement, underground repairs, lift stations plus much more. Contact us at 281-499-5333 for your free quote or simply follow the link at contact me for a company representative to contactContinue reading “Call today for your FREE quote!”