Season Greetings and Lighting Pleasing…

Yes, we do have a bucket truck on-site!!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Street Light Poles are our Specialties! Street lighting is a prominent way to illuminate your area, business, or downtown area. Nevertheless, there may become a situation where one has fallen, a globe is broken, or may need one installed. Contact our office to haveContinue reading “Season Greetings and Lighting Pleasing…”

For a Reasonable Price, we can meet your Community Needs!

A. Fuller Electric, Inc has maintained multiple communities with evening drive-thru lighting inspections, street light poles, troubleshooting, irrigation controllers, and the list goes on. Our service area covers most of Fort Bend County as well as the southern portions of Harris and Brazoria Counties. We offer free proposals to most jobs that qualify.  Street LightContinue reading “For a Reasonable Price, we can meet your Community Needs!”

Electrical Safety Tips

Portable space heaters should NEVER be plugged into an extension cord or multi-tap outlet device. Discoloration of a receptacle outlet can be an indication of overheating due to overloading of the circuit and/or loose connection. Portable hair dryers used in a bathroom should be protected by a Ground – Fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The bestContinue reading “Electrical Safety Tips”

Yes, we are open!

A. Fuller Electric, Inc is working daily to provide you with all your electrical needs. We take pride in serving our customers and communities. From installing GFI receptacles, repairing your bad underground wires or installing that ceiling fan, we have you covered. Let us help you save money by retrofitting your existing old fixtures toContinue reading “Yes, we are open!”

A. Fuller Electric, Inc has a Bucket Truck!

Our heavy-duty Bucket Truck can perform electrical services on apartment buildings, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants, shopping centers, parking lots, sports complexes, and anywhere there may be electrical problems out of reach. There is no extra cost for the use of our bucket truck. For any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact ourContinue reading “A. Fuller Electric, Inc has a Bucket Truck!”

Making Lights Bright Again

We call these our specialties!¬†Ornamental street poles, wall packs, or other numerous LED fixtures are a magnificent way to brighten your neighborhood, business, or downtown area. Although, there may become a situation where one has fallen; a globe is destroyed or need one installed. Give us a call TODAY at 281-499-5333 to have your ornamentalContinue reading “Making Lights Bright Again”

Street Light Pole Outage?!

We have a Bucket Truck on-site! Neighborhood Communities, are you noticing any street light poles out? Well, here at A. Fuller Electric, Inc., we have you covered! We have a fully loaded equipped bucket truck on-site for all globes or light bulb replacements. We can troubleshoot and handle all phases of electrical services. Contact usContinue reading “Street Light Pole Outage?!”